Get Amazed with the High-End Roku Express

The Roku Express Plus is packed with streaming apps that provide subscribers with total entertainment at affordable prices. Costing just about $30, the tiny Express Plus has a lot to offer the streamers. The device comes with an HDMI cable and an optional USB adapter to power it on. An adhesive strip lets you attach the Roku on to your TV. The primary difference between the Roku Express and the Express Plus is the compatibility of the Express+ with older TVs.

The Hardware

Behind the device you will find a port for the USB, which you can use to power up the device. There is also the HDMI port that connects to the TV and an A/V out for connecting the RCA cables for an older television. Besides, there is also a ‘Reset’ button that you can use to completely bring the device back to factory settings.

Features of the Roku Express

The Roku Express Plus retains the ability to convert your older televisions into a contemporary smart TV with the addition of streaming through composite A/V cables. Barring this feature, the Express is a standard low-end device that regular cord cutters can invest in and get multiple free and paid entertainment channels in high definition. If you do not need the old type A/V connectivity, then add the Roku Express instead of the Express plus into your entertainment center.

  • Video support offered is 1080p at 30 frames per second or 720 p
  • Plug the device either to the power outlet directly using the AC adapter or simply use the USB or plug it into the TV to turn it on
  • Visibility is important because the IR receiving port for the remote is right in the front. Other newer Roku devices rely on radio frequency remotes but this one is a standard infrared model
  • Apart from the above, the Roku is capable of providing audio and video support for several file types
  • Closed captioning, instant replay and language selection controls are also available on the device

Additional Features

  • Roku’s Search feature lets you look for content across channels by actor, director or title of the content
  • Get regular updates pertaining to content availability and changes in pricing with the help of ‘Roku Feed’
  • Avail Roku’s services even when you are travelling with the ‘Hotel & Dorm Connect’ provision; besides a wireless internet connection, the service also requires a user login
  • For Android and Windows devices, the player offers Screen Mirroring facilities

Roku App

The Roku app for mobiles is available on popular play stores that is equipped with a range of features. The app fulfills a range of ‘enhanced remote’ functions that are otherwise unavailable on the standard remote. Use the app to even listen privately by attaching your headphones to the jack on the mobile. Media audio is streamed through the remote when you activate the ‘private listening’ feature. The app is compatible with Android Byte, and Apple iOS Byte mobile operating systems.

In Comparison

The Express and the Express Plus are two of the most economical devices with multiple features and great entertainment. The Express model 3900 is five times faster than previous generation Roku devices. The device supports HD streaming besides streaming in 1080p and 720p resolutions. The Roku Express connects via HDMI as well as composite cables (Express Plus). Both the Roku Express and Express Plus run on the Quad Core Processor, a feature  is found across all Roku devices including the latest Ultra.

And like all other Roku models the Express operates with 802.11 b/g/n connectivity. The other devices such as the Streaming Stick Plus 3810 and the Roku Ultra 4660 are capable of streaming 4K and HD content via HDCP 2.2 HDMI.

How to Setup Roku Express Using go.roku.com/express?

The packed box contains an HDMI cable, a micro USB cable along with the adapter, adhesive strip, remote, and batteries. If you are using an Express Plus, then a composite cable also accompanies the package. To setup the device, a Quick Start Guide is available on go.roku.com/express for reference that comes with clear diagrams.

  • Use the HDMI cable or the composite cable to connect to the TV depending upon its model
  • Then insert the remote batteries and pair the devices while powering the Roku on
  • Thereafter, toggle to the appropriate input from the TV’s remote and start setting up the device following the instructions issued by the installer

Activation Code

  • In the end, after going through the installation process and setting up the network, an activation code appears
  • This code must be entered on the Roku website.
  • For this, use a computer connected to the internet
  • From a standard browser visit Roku.com and go.roku.com/express to enter the code

Roku Account

  • Create a Roku account on the website to sync player data with your account
  • With this, you can monitor all your account movements
  • Link your credit card information here to make easy payments
  • The account also lets you set a PIN in case you wish to control your subscriptions

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Roku troubles are short-lived and can be resolved with some really easy and quick fixes. Any hardware will respond to rebooting and so does the Roku. This should always be the first action step.
  • For wireless connectivity, check with the ISP for service changes
  • As a final solution, if the device seems totally unresponsive, then perform a complete factory reset


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