CBS All Access on Roku

Basically, you can Activate CBS All Access on Roku through the remote, via the mobile device or even through your computer. The process on your mobile device and computer are more or less the same. For those who want to watch CBS originals, you must get CBS All Access.

With the Control

From the menu drop down select ‘Streaming Channels’ (main page) and from here go to the ‘Channel Store’

Look for the ‘Movies & TV’ tab and scroll around to find ‘CBS All Access’

Next, click on ‘Add channel’

The computer or mobile

Go to Roku’s website and follow the prompts to ‘Sign in’, ‘Create a Roku account’, and then entering your required credentials. You must confirm the captcha and then click on ‘Submit’ where your form details end. If you are returning to the website and already have an account, just signing in should be enough.

Activate CBS All Access on Roku

Activate CBS All Access on Roku

  • Open up the CBS All Access channel on the Roku player and you will see the ‘Welcome’ screen with a range of options. New users can choose to sign up and follow any instructions that you see on the screen to begin your subscription.
  • If you own a Roku legacy device, then you must Activate CBS All Access on Roku with the updated CBS app version 1.11. This not only requires less memory, it also alleviates any issues that you face when you try and stream on-demand content.

App versions

  • CBS app 1.11 version does not let you sign in directly from the Roku player.
  • Launch the channel and click on ‘Sign in’ when you get to the ‘Sign in’ page.
  • After logging in, enter the activation code.
  • The screen will be refreshed and you should now be able to stream your shows.

Note: If you are not able to locate the movies then check the version of your app. If you have the CBS app 1.11, then it means the feature is not supported on the Roku. Then it is better to get the latest and updated 2.3 version of the CBS app on Roku.

Switching plans

  • Star / ‘*’ -> Settings -> Manage Account -> Switch Plan.
  • At the ‘Switch plan’ screen, you can confirm your modification to limited commercials.
  • The plan usually comes into effect immediately.

In between the billing cycle

  • If you decide to switch plans in the midst of your billing cycle.
  • The unutilized portions of the plan will be credited to the payment for the first month.
  • Which means your credit period is prorated for the plan.
  • Once the prorated span ends, you will be charged $5.99 plus taxes on a monthly basis.

The infamous purple screen

  • If your Roku AVR (audio / video receiver) does not support HDCP, then you will see a purple-colored screen.
  • A very common error, this also occurs as a result of a fault in the HDMI cable; alternatively the HDMI connector may also need repair.
    Review the steps to Activate CBS All Access on Roku for your 4K device.
  • Unplug the HDMI cable from the AVR and the Roku player.
  • Then remove the TV’s and the Roku’s power cord.
  • Next, reconnect the devices with the HDMI and ensure that it is affixed and secure in its slot.
  • Reconnect the power for your devices and then try viewing your shows again.

If you are still facing problems to Activate CBS All Access on Roku, connect the HDMI cable to a different input or better still, get a new HDMI cable. Alternatively, try adjusting the display settings on your Roku as well.

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