The name Roku has become synonymous with streaming. Almost every household in America seems to have at least one of these devices. Though there are many other brands that have come up with more innovative ideas, Roku seems to be the winner in this race. There are many reasons why Roku is preferred over Google’s Chromecast or Apple’s Apple TV 4K and we have taken some efforts to analyze and derive at our own reasons. Here’s our comparison of Roku vs Chromecast vs Apple TV 4k.

Roku vs Chromecast vs Apple TV


In comparison to other products in the market, Roku is able to provide the best streaming services at really affordable rates. It has a product for every type of user, of course, differentiated by their affordability. But no one can match the services they provide for the cost at which they provide it. For instance, you can buy a Roku at $30 whereas an Apple TV 4K will cost you somewhere around $179.


Roku is not affiliated with any particular person or channel and hence they are able to provide channels from different partners. This is their advantage as they are able to strike a deal with many different people and hence provide non-affiliated content to their users. Amazon, Google, and Apple fail to do just that. For further queries on Roku vs Apple TV 4k you can use our chat line or toll-free number.


Being in the streaming business since 2008, Roku launched its first streaming stick in 2012; a first of its kind. Nobody knows about streaming better than Roku. They have only been improving their game ever since in spite of all the tough competitions. Not many of us bother about the history of the company as long as we get to watch great live videos at the most affordable prices. But experience brings a certain quality that can be seen clearly in the case of Roku.

Wider content

In the Chromecast vs Apple TV 4k comparison, we find that Apple TV is expensive and at the same time has very few content. It has only 20 million users when compared to the 40 million Roku users. The stark contrast in the numbers is due to the wider variety that Roku provides by means of free channels. Not that we are going to watch all the channels but at least you have a wider choice.

Direct streaming

Easy installation and direct wireless streaming are added advantages that only Roku users enjoy. All you have to do is, purchase your Roku device either from the market or online and activate it. Once you have your own Roku account you can visit the Roku channel store at any time and download any number of apps or channels that you think would suffice your family’s streaming needs.

Easier functionality

Everything on the Roku platform is easy to understand and easy to handle. You don’t have to be a pro to understand the functionality of the device and their software. These are some important points that differentiate Roku devices from that of Apple and Google. The Roku Feed, Play on Roku, voice control, and other such features are proof for this. Such user-friendly features are however missing in the Apple TV 4k and Google’s Chromecast.

On this comparison of Roku vs Chromecast vs Apple TV 4k, we conclude that Roku fares better in most categories and hence is a clear winner.

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