Paid Channels are those Channels which require monthly or annual Charges for activation. To activate these Channels, a Roku com link account, active and secure Internet Connection are essential

Best Roku Pay Channels

Here is the List of Best paid Roku Channels available to stream your favourite Movies and Videos

  • Amazon Video, Crackle, Netflix, HBO/Go/ Now, Hulu, Showtime,
  • CBS all access, Sling TV, MLB TV, NBA, Watch ESPN, NFL,
  • Similarly, you can access other  channels like Pandora, Spotify, Disney Channel, Play On, Plex, Play station Vue
  • Furthermore, you can access Direct TV Now, CBS All access, Play Station Vue, Spectrum, YouTube

How to watch Best paid Roku channels on your Streaming Device

Create a Roku com link Account

  • To watch or Add Best paid Roku channels, Create a Roku com link account
  • Then, Visit the respective website and Click on the Link to Create a Roku account
  • Now, enter the required Information
  • Also, Enter a valid Roku com link enter code
  • Finally, Proceed with the  Onscreen Instructions
  • Once you create an account, sign in with the Credentials
  • Go to the Channel store and Search for Best paid Roku channels
  • Select the Channel and Click On the Buy or Subscribe  Option
  • Finally, follow the Onscreen Prompts to Complete the  Process

Amazon Video

Activate Amazon Video and you have a Large Selection of Movies and TV Shows. If you do not require Amazon Prime Subscription, you can choose Amazon Video Only Option


Go to your Channel Store and watch the best Classics like Black Mirror, A-team, Nostalgic shows like Gilmore Girls.


Hulu in Partnership with Popular and Major Networks like Fox, NBC, CW, ABC. Add the Channel to your account and enjoy the Nostalgic Series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Daria

Show Time

The Channel Provides you access to Comedy Specials, Sports Events, and Movies.

Sling TV

Surprisingly, you can access the Live Contents Of your Sling TV and Watch around 150 channels and some of the Popular One Include ESPN, TNT, AMC, CNN, TBS, and Comedy Central. The Best part is that a seven Days free trial is available to access the Channel

In the event that you find any issues to access these Channels, Check your Wireless Network Connection and Roku com link account

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