Resolve HDCP Error On Netflix

HDCP Unauthorized content Disabled error Popup while you Copy the Digital, Audio or video Content using an HDMI cable. A Purple screen will appear on your Screen and a faulty HDMI cable becomes the common reason for the Error

Roku HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled Netflix

HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Protection)

  • HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Protection) is the standard used to prevent the Duplication or Copying of Data or Audio, Video Contents
  • . Make a note that HDCP is also known as Anti Protection Piracy Protocol
  • Improper Connection of HDMI cable also causes HDCP Error
  • You cannot Stream the Contents as the Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled Netflix Error Persist

How to Resolve HDCP Error On Netflix

HDCP Error on Netflix sometimes occurs while you stream your Favorites. Here is how you can overcome the Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled Netflix

  • Unplug or Remove the HDMI cable from your Device.
    • Also, reconnect both the ends of the Cable and ensure that the Connectors are firmly attached
    • Use a Different HDMI cable if the existing cable is not working
    • Connect the Roku Player Directly to the  TV
    • Go to Settings > Display type and change the Display of your Device
    • Remove the Power Cord of your Device and Connect It back again

Restart your Roku Streaming Device

  • To Restart Your Roku Device, Remove the Power Cables of your Device
  • Wait for a few seconds and Plug the Cables back again
  • Finally turn On your Device again
  • Also, Restart your Router

Check your Wireless Network Connection

  • Check and Verify your Wireless Network Connection
  • Ensure that all the Settings are accurate
  • It is equally important to use the valid Username and the password. Wireless Network Passwords are always  Case Sensitive

Check your Hardware Connection

  • Reverse the Ends of the HDMI cable and Check if the Error still Persist
  • Connect the Streaming Device directly to the  TV without using the HDMI cable
    • Try not to use Other receivers and Stereo Equipment
    • Use HDMI Splitters to fix most of the HDMI Errors
    • In addition, Ensure that you use high-Quality HDMI cable

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