Roku remote can automatically pair with the latest Roku Streaming Media Players during the Set up Process. Troubles shoot the Roku remote errors to make your selections easily, stream your favorites

Roku remote pairing and troubleshooting becomes essential to ensure uninterrupted streaming

Step 1

Prepare your Roku Streaming Device

Pair your Roku remote and troubleshoot the Errors to use your streaming device

To prepare your Roku streaming Device for the setup,

  • Unplug the Power adapter and then Plug-In back again
  • A Roku remote battery Compartment will be Visible
  • Insert the Batteries On to your Remote
  • Keep the Battery Compartment in Open  Position
  • Also, Place the Roku player Close to the Roku Remote
  • You can wait for few Seconds to till the LED light stop flashing
  • Click On the Pairing Button to Pair your Remote to your streaming Device
  • Then, Press the Pairing Button for at least 3 seconds

How to Troubleshoot Remote Pairing issues or Connectivity Issues

Remove and Replace the Batteries

  • Check if your Batteries are working. In the event that you find any Issues, Replace the Batteries with a new One or reseat the Batteries

How to Replace the Batteries

  • To Replace the Batteries, Open the battery Compartment, Remove the Power Cables
  • Now Reconnect the Power Cable
  • The First Screen will be Visible on your Roku Streaming Device
  • As soon as you View the Screen, Reinsert the  Batteries
  • Wait for a few seconds and the Remote Pairing Dialogue  will  appear On the  Screen

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Use a New Remote

  • Use a new Remote, if the existing remote is not working.

Repair your Roku Remote

If the above steps Doesn’t Work, Try repairing your Roku Remote and then follow the Steps from the Beginning

Perform a Factory reset of your Roku Remote

  • Another key point is that, If the above steps don’t work, perform a Factory reset of your Roku Streaming Device
  • Similarly, Press the Reset Button  Located On the Backside of your Streaming Device

Download and Install the Roku Remote App

  • Install the App On your Smart Phone or tablet to Control your Roku Streaming Device
  • Now, go to the App store to find the Compatible App.
  • Above all, Before you Download and install the Roku Mobile App, ensure that it is Compatible to use with your streaming device

Hope that the above steps can help you to Pair your remote and overcome Roku remote issues

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