Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions state the important requirements to use our website Go Roku express.com. Follow the terms and Conditions that are available on our website before you use the services that are available.


Agree and strictly adhere to the instructions available. It is also equally important to accept the plan orders, service usage policies

Plan Orders and Service Plans

Plan Orders and Service plans are available and you will receive an email once we accept the Plan Orders

To Submit the Plan Orders, Service Plans

To submit the Plan Orders, service plans you can either use the Email services or the toll-free number provided. All the Plan Orders will be active, once you submit the required information

Privacy policy

  • Privacy policy, an Integral Part of terms and Conditions is all about how we collect, transfer, make use of the Data and secure the information
  • We maintain all the Information secure and Confidential. No Information or data will be disclosed without the Consent or Permission of the Users
  • The Data which we collect from our customers include Name, Email address, Age, Phone number, Birthrate and Internet protocol address.

User responsibility

  • It is the responsibility of the users to keep the account information safe and secure. Under no Circumstances, we are liable for the loss or Misuse of the Credentials or other Confidential Information
  • Also, Coordinate with the team of Experts who are available to resolve all your Issues, Activate your account
  • Use the service with proper approval, License
  • Furthermore, Maintain the confidentially of sign-in credentials

Copyrights and other License restrictions

It is not advisable to Copy, transfer; broadcast the Contents or Information that are available on our website. On the positive side, Rules and regulations of Copyrights and trademarks are obtainable to prevent the misuse or misinterpretation of the Data

The Restrictions are also applicable for text, graphics, Images and Visual or Audio Contents

We will not promote any action that misread a person or entity. our website reserves the Copy right s only for Business Operations

Purpose of collecting the Information from the Users

We make use of the data or Information Collected from the users to create an account, to make transactions and to secure the integrity of the services we provide to our customers

Third-party Services

  • Our website is not liable for the services offered by the third party services. In case if you require additional Information, Contact the respective Organization directly
  • Also, we are not responsible for the Contents, Information’s displayed on the Third party websites


In Case If any dispute arises between the Website and the Customers, strict laws are incorporated and shall be governed by the respective judicial authorities or organizations

Limitation of Liability

Our website is not liable for any damage which arises directly or indirectly if you make use of our website. Also, we will not encourage any Claims in Future


 Users are suggested to maintain the conduct and not to be aggressive, unlawful. We follow strict laws to prevent any Misuse or Mis Interpretation.

We will strictly penalize any Illegal Action


The term materials Include Documents, White papers, Press releases, data sheets, user manuals and Design Information about the Product

Miscellaneous information

We also consider the intention of the users, In the event of any Miscellaneous or false information.

Termination of the Service

Our website authorities have the rights to terminate or discontinue any service if not required. We also take necessary steps to discard the users who misuse our service, the Information provided on our website

Legal Bond between the Website and the users

Terms and Conditions thus act as a legal bond between the website and the users.

We have the best team of experts to provide you more Information and update you the Changes

In the event that you find any issues or you want to know more about the terms and Conditions, Privacy policies, you can either visit our website or dial the toll-free number provided